Why I Sew (And Why You Should Too)

Sewing is a big part of my life, even on days when I barely touch a needle or my sewing machine. I have been sewing by hand since I was a child, but my passion for sewing and creating truly took root when I was 16 and a junior in high school (you can read more about how I learned to sew here).

Whenever I meet another sewing enthusiast, I'm always super excited--together, we can start nerding out about our projects, favorite fabric shops and sewing tools, etc. For those unfamiliar or new to sewing, the passion behind the conversation might be perplexing. Today I'm going to demystify why I sew as well as explain why you should sew too!

Sewing is fun 

I have a student who is 7, and on the very first day we worked on a sewing machine, she looked up from her sewing machine and said, (and I remember her eyes glowing), “This is fun!” I swear it was one of the best things I had heard that week.

Sewing is a useful skill 

Ever needed to sew on a missing button, mend a tear, or shorten a pair of jeans? If you don't know how, you either have to decommission that garment or ask someone to do it for you. And as someone who has hemmed countless pairs of pants for my mom, I highly suggest you learn to do it too!

Sewing is good for developing fine motor skills, patience, and perseverance 

My youngest student is 6, and I can tell that the simple act of hand sewing is helping her to develop her hand-eye-coordination as well as learn that all things take time. I encourage all my students to work only as quickly as they can while maintaining beautiful work. These are skills that we should foster long into our adulthood as well!

The Sewing Community is Amazing 

The first sewing community that I was exposed to was the Clothing Community on Craftster.org. On this online forum, I was able to connect with other sewists from around the world, share my projects, and learn from the projects and tutorials of others. I consider Crafster.org a critical part of how I learned to sew, and have since had the privilege of engaging with the growing online community via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Sewing is good “me” time 

There is a saying I like that says "Sewing is cheaper than therapy," and the phrase resonates because I have a background in psychology and fashion design, and to relate the two makes me very happy!

I have chatted with other sewists, and we all agree that one thing that draws us to the craft is that sewing gives us a lot of release from life's daily grind. Speaking from experience, there are few things more therapeutic for me than sitting down at my sewing machine and stitching!

Sewing can help you give

I have been sewing for a long time -- fourteen years since the age of 16 in fact. And I love sewing so much, for the act of sewing, that I often don't even care about keeping my projects. For this reason, I love making things for other people. One big project for me this year are sewing projects for the UCSD Moores Cancer Center, which is an organization I interned and volunteered for from 2010 until 2013. During this time, I befriended fellow volunteers, many of them cancer survivors who want to give back, and as a result of these friendships, we have brainstormed for years of how we can use our gifts, connections, and interests for the benefit of patrons and family of the Cancer Center.

These are some ideas that my friend Gloria and I came up with to "Craft for Good":
1) Sewing/Knitting Wig caps, turbans, hats
2) Sewing Lap blankets
3) Sewing small pillows to place between chemo port and seat belt
4) Sewing Bags/Totes for Comfort Bags, which are bags filled with items that provide hope and comfort to newly diagnosed patients. Items include things like toiletries, scarves and other head coverings, inspirational journals, and similar items.

This tote bag pattern was developed for these Comfort Bags mentioned above.

Sewing can help preserve history and tradition 

My paternal grandmother was a prolific seamstress, who was constantly making things for her friends and family, from apparel to home decor. My parents are immensely proud that I carry on her legacy with needle and thread, and I think of her whenever I sew my own projects.

Learning to sew is now easier than ever before

Craftster.org helped me learn to sew, but now there are so many other avenues to learn on your own time, from the comfort of your own home! YouTube, other sewing bloggers, and Craftsy.com are just a few examples of how you can learn to start stitching. (Craftsty link below is an affiliate code to start your free trial!)

Craftsy Unlimited FREE 7 day trial at Craftsy.com

So that's it from me! Are you convinced to start sewing? And if you already do, leave a comment to tell me why!

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  1. What a beautiful post! And so sweet of you to volunteer and donate the items you make to the cancer center! I’m glad to have met you through the sewing blogger group!

    1. The community is AWESOME! And so are you. You might be interested in checking out this Maker Movement - https://www.instagram.com/ainagiving/!

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