You Did WHAT? | DIY Wedding Dress Story, Part 1

 Yes, I made my wedding dress.

On January 16, 2016, the birthday of my late Grandma Precy (who was a talented seamstress in her own right), my husband proposed to me under a grand tree in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.

I was wearing running clothes and tennis shoes. I was wearing a running SKIRT because when hubby asked me, months before, if I'd rather have the proposal while wearing a dress or otherwise, I said a dress. So skirt it was.

The next months, from January to November, was a whirlwind of planning and activity. Pablo, my husband, had PLANS. We were going to make the food, book a private venue, set up speakers, arrange our own flowers....and I was going to make my dress.

I mean...I was a fashion designer working in San Diego County and I had been sewing for years. Nevermind that I was designing cycling apparel. A me-made wedding dress? How hard could it be?

I will tell you. Stay tuned.


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