Meet the Mind Behind [dear daydream]

Hello friend. If you are here, I suppose you have an interest in sewing, design, or creativity in general. I'm so happy you are here, because if there is one thing I love, it is a curious mind. 

Here is a story about mine.

I have always been a "maker" from the age of...well, since the age I learned to write and draw. I used to write stories about my stuffed turtle (incidentally named Turtle). I made paper dolls, made friendship bracelets, beaded jewelry, and origami. When I was older, I learned to knit and crochet, teaching myself from books I begged my mom to buy from Michael's.

And finally, at age 17, I learned to sew.

Seventeen is an old age to learn to sew, especially since my paternal grandmother was a VERY talented seamstress. In fact, in some of my favorite memories with my grandmother Priscilla, we would sew together. I cut fabrics and she sewed while I watched. She was always making something. I remember her whenever I work on my own projects. Sometimes, I would handsew (with my mom, for example. She helped me make a rag doll, a very elaborate project, when I was 10).

So here is my confession: I used to be scared of the sewing machine.

I eventually got over my fear of the sewing machine in high school, resizing t-shirts and sewing simple skirts and bags. It was exciting - this was the first time I was making clothes. Sometimes I would stay up late to sew because I loved the satisfaction of finishing a project. 

I was pretty much self-taught until my senior year in high school when I took a sewing class. I learned formal techniques like seam finishing and inserting zippers properly. I learned about fashion schools in San Diego, and I was intrigued but had already accepted admission to UCSD where I planned to study Psychology. And that was that.

I went to college, sewing every so often. I helped friends make Halloween costumes one year, and I did a lot of sewing when I was in a sorority (that's another story). But after college I discovered a renewed passion for sewing. In my first year of post-grad, I did some soul-searching to decide what I wanted to do "for the rest of my life". I decided that sewing and fashion design was it.

Now I hold an AA in Fashion Design and have worked with small apparel companies as a designer and pattern maker. And now I'm trying to help build a sewing school in San Diego.

Returning to my sewing machine is like finding myself. It's a time for self-introspection. It challenges my skills to problem solve and create. It gives me the satisfaction of a job well-done. It makes me feel close to my Grandma. 

Sewing is a big part of my story. And the story continues...


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