As a sewing enthusiast, the one activity I've had to learn to enjoy about the art of sewing is ironing (or pressing). In addition to having an initial fear of the iron (I was accidentally burned by one when I was 4 years old), I always found the task inconvenient, especially in my limited sewing space. Having a full-sized ironing board was cumbersome, so I've been using a small "Cut 'n Press" board laid flat on my cutting table. While more convenient than a folding ironing board, the size was still a problem.

There is a happy ending to this story! I've had this idea of creating a larger version of this small pressing board, and with the help of my loving parents, it happened! Pictures won't be able to do it justice, but just believe me: I am thrilled.


It's made of 32"x30" particle board covered with cotton batting, ironing-board cover fabric from Joann's, and canvas-like material from an old curtains. The fabric was stapled to the bottom of the particle board using a staple gun.

I haven't actually used it for pressing yet, but I'm hoping it will work as well as I expect!


I'm actually looking forward to the next time I have press a dart or seam.


  1. Great idea! Yep, I used an over-the-door iron board. I remember when I took my sewing 101 class we had to iron some of our fabrics...annoying but necessary!

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  2. Ah, an over-the-boor board would be a good idea too, but my door is oddly oriented so maybe not for me!

    Ironing is a necessary chore, but it's much more pleasant with the right tools :)


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