Sewing Update

So, it turns out that the size 10 pattern for McCall's M5800 is much too big! Luckily, I only traced the pattern pieces onto another piece of paper, so the original pattern is still intact. I will need to retrace a smaller size, but now I'm not sure which size: 6 or 8? 4 even? I think some research into McCall's sizing is in order.

However, I did get some sewing done using the McCall's pattern as light inspiration. Using the bodice pattern as a guide, I drafted a bodice pattern for this little yellow dress:

I deepened the V a little bit, and I love this neckline! This dress pattern is meant to be pulled over the head so it is only has some bust darts for shaping.


  1. i love it! very sweet neckline. and i love the bright yellows this time of year =D

  2. this dress looks amazing on you, fantastic job on altering :) ooh and it's horrible when you've spent so much time sewing something and then it doesnt fit right :(

  3. Very cute, summery dress! The alterations you made work great, too.

    (I wouldn't listen too much to the measurements given on the back of patterns. They would have you make crazy large sizes. The best I found is to compromise between your off-the-rack dress size and what the pattern measurements tell you, until you figure out what size you take. Once you know, though, it's pretty universal between McCall's, Simplicity, Butterick, etc. but for fit variations in specific garments' style.)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, love it xoxo

  5. you're adorable. i've been looking at all your posts for a good half hour! i'm definitely a fan :) can't wait for more tips and to see what you make. hopefully i can create some good stuff too!


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