What's In My Sewing Box?

On my personal style blog, I shared the contents of my purse, so I thought it would be appropriate to create a parallel post, this time sharing the contents of my sewing tool kit.

From left to right:

1) My Fiskars rotary cutter. This tool has changed my bias-tape and straight-edge cutting days! It also came with a small self-healing cutting mat.

2) Normal scissors. I use these to cut my pattern pieces. They don't need to be in my sewing kit, but I like having them with everything else.

3) Fabric shears. I love this pair of scissors...I cannot begin to tell you how much. These were a Christmas present from my brother a couple years ago, and though I did not appreciate them then as much as I do now, I could not sew without these. They cut fabric so beautifully. I've scared people before when they've tried cutting anything other than fabric with these. Love.

4) Pin cushion. Pink, of course, this came in a pink themed sewing kit I got when I was in high school.

5) Seam rippers. Some of my best friends. I don't know what I'd do without my seam ripper.

6) Pencils. For pattern-making or marking muslins. My disappearing pen is missing from this picture! I love that too.

7) Measuring tape. I keep a retractable measuring tape in my purse because I never know when I might need it for something, but it would belong in here otherwise.

8) Pin case. This holds an assortment of pins in case I need more, but for the most part I use the pins on my pincushion.

9) Tracing wheel. I have carbon paper to use with this, but to be honest I don't like using them. Lately I've been using Tailor's Tacks and disappearing ink to mark my fabrics.

10) Seam gauge. Useful for measuring small amounts.

11) Ruler. I have a yard stick and a larger ruler, but it never hurts to have this handy.

So that's about it! I have more sewing tools, of course, but there's a peek at what I keep in my sewing toolbox. I'd love it if you'd share yours!


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