Making a Bodice Front Sloper

I have been wanting to make a sloper, also known as a basic block pattern. From what I understand, a sloper is used as the foundation for drafting other patterns of varying designs. Since I'm interested in eventually learning how to create my own patterns, I thought that building my own sloper would be a good start.

I have recently discovered a wonderful sewing website,, which features the contents of sewing books in the public domain. The book I've been reading, Modern Pattern Design, was published in 1942. I'm not sure how the content measures up to actual modern pattern design, but I figure that not much should have changed in the past 60 years of sewing. I have been following Chapter 2 on Slopers, and with the instructions given I created the Bodice Front Sloper in the picture. (The measurements I used were given to me in the book).

My next step is to draft the Back Bodice Sloper.


  1. Good idea! I've oddly never done this for all my drafting (Guess I'm a cheater and use a favourite Simplicity blouse pattern as my 'sloper').


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