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DIY Wedding Dress Part 3: Planning Your Materials

Thank you for tuning into my third Installment of my DIY Wedding Dress series.

In this series, I share the story of the wedding dress I designed and created for my November 2016 wedding.

At the time of the designing my dress, I was working as an apparel pattern maker in Vista, California, so the notion of making my own wedding dress was not completely out of the question. I had been working as an industry pattern maker for almost 3 years, and my Associate Degree in Fashion Design included emphasis on apparel construction and pattern making.

All that said, making my own wedding dress was not really my idea. My husband Pab (fiance at the time) suggested it one day, and I thought it over and figured why not? In the past, I thought that making my own wedding dress was too large a task to undertake in addition to planning a wedding, but Pab and I were planning the wedding together so I was optimistic because he had so much faith in me too.

In my last post, I outlined the first two steps…

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